Treating Soft Tissue Injuries is Our Specialty…

Each part of our physical selves is vitally important, and each has its own unique and critical role to play. At times, when we are truly present, we may feel gratitude and wonder that the extraordinary complexity of our bodies works with such harmony, grace and generosity. But it is, perhaps, when a part of the physical self is injured that we see most clearly how important every part really is.

Sometimes, the gift of healing comes by itself…with time, with rest, with moderation. But at other times, even with the best self-care, healing may not progress as we would hope. At these times we may need the help of experienced hands guided by an informed, experienced and knowledgeable mind.

I have devoted myself, for over 30 years, to studying the injuries of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and have developed many powerful techniques for bringing recovery, whether injuries have just appeared or have been present, chronically, for years. Injuries that may seem frustrating and confusing to you can often be understood and remedied in a clear and straightforward way by someone who sees them and treats them on a daily basis.

I welcome you to my practice on the Upper West Side. Let me see what has been keeping you from a full practice and let me help you to return to the fullest possible practice in the shortest possible time. My goal is not simply to help you be pain free while sitting passively or walking slowly, but rather to get you fully back to the challenges and joys of the practice you love.